The London School of Yoga™ is the first Yoga school of its kind. Unlike other schools, each student is given a bespoke programme built around their individual strengths. As they develop, they move through the eight different grades, from beginners to advanced. Some people find Yoga a bit overwhelming, like an endless journey. The London School of Yoga™ aims to breakdown the process and provide students with a clear sense of their own progression.

Our Yoga focuses on three techniques: movement, breath and meditation to enhance the three parts of us: physical, mental, emotional wellbeing.


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Yoga is a journey not a destination. It takes no prisoners, you can come and go as you please. Yoga is about focus and direction on your own personal journey. We welcome you to journey beside us…….


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"I only started yoga about a month ago. It's my first yoga experience but in 1month I've come along way. Thanks to Melissa for her support and encouragement. I've gained strength and technique and flexibility. Thank you London School Of Yoga"

Lara Jacobs

"I have never done yoga before until I discovered London School of Yoga, run by very experienced and highly qualified Melissa Freedman. The first few weeks were very challenging and hard but as the weeks went by I saw such an amazing improvement in my inner and outer body as well as both spiritual and physical. Melissa’s Yoga uses great inner breathing techniques, exercise and meditation. It really helped me to improve my health and happiness after having 3 kids. I absolutely love “me time” and getting better each week. Thank you so much "

Georgia Harari

"Since beginning Melissa’s Monday night yoga class I have felt so much stronger physically and emotionally. I’m amazed at how quickly I have become more able to do some of the yoga moves with strength and skill. Melissa challenges and encourages me - she lets me go on my own yoga journey and helps me every step of the way. My long term plan is to hopefully turn myself into a hot yoga bunny. I’m taking yoga with me into the next chapter of my life it’s my new friend that delivers! "

Vicky Halpern

"I’ve attended some of Melissa yoga classes it has been an amazing experience and I felt great after each class, Melissa teaches in a friendly manner and I really enjoyed her approach to yoga and life. Will definitely be coming back for more."

Odel Glausiusz

"I have been a student of the London School of Yoga since 2004. Since restarting (after a break), in just a few weeks I am already feeling the benefits. I feel stronger physically, as well as the practice being extremely grounding and energising. Melissa teaches in a way to create independence in your own practice. Her drive and passion of yoga creates a strong awareness of postural position, as well as sharing her knowledge and benefits of each sequence."



"Melissa is a fantastic teacher and her knowledge of yoga is very impressive. She is so enthusiastic and makes every class very enjoyable. Melissa’s yoga classes are not just helping me get fitter, I am having so much fun whilst doing it!!"

Taryn Honickberg


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We are teaching a new beginners course for Women only where women will be taught a foundation of yoga exercises and breathing to help fitness, weight loss and toning and relaxation.

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