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Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is a universal technique. It combines breathing and relaxation with exercise, to open and strengthen the physical body. It helps circulation and movement of the joints at the same time as freeing the mind. The regular practice of Yoga is a simple way to achieve a healthier lifestyle and a more powerful connection between mind and body.

Yoga teaches the way to withdraw the mind from the objects of the world and to remove desire from the mind. Before commencing yoga one should have sound body and mind. Without health, one cannot achieve anything in this world. Therefore health is an essential factor for all achievements in this world whether they are secular or spiritual.

Yoga has many different teachings and most classes begin teaching the student asana practice, this is the physical aspect of Yoga where students are encouraged to align breath and movement to extend and strengthen their physical bodies.

Yoga is a universal technique that enables us to acquire an insight into the true nature of things by direct experience.

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"As the result of contentment, one gains supreme happiness."

Yoga sutras of Patanjali