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Summary of Classes

Private Tuition:
There are over 15 teachers in the school who go into people's homes and teach 1:1, 1:3 and sometimes 1:5, we teach individuals, groups of friends and families. Personal tuition enables students to grasp a practice at their own pace and enables them to grow a personal practice to continue in their own time.

Pregnancy Yoga:
These classes are aimed at expecting mum’s giving birth ‘lightly’ without undue strain on the body and making full use of the breath to ensure pregnant mums are physically and emotionally strong and prepared for labour. Some pregnant mums attend the evening school and are given individual practices before coming to the daytime class if they are still working.

Mother and Baby Yoga (birth until baby starts to crawl):
Mom and Baby Yoga classes offer a chance for mom to recover postnatally by improving posture, tone, strength and vitality. It provides an environment for mom to become more comfortable handling her baby while having fun together. Also included are baby yoga movements and elements of infant massage. The classes are relaxed allowing babies to be babies (i.e. to be fed, changed, soothed, etc, as needed).

Children’s Yoga:
Stories are used to stimulate children’s imagination making yoga practice a fun way to exercise. Children are also taught breathing techniques to help them relax and learn to have balance in their lives. We teach in schools‚ private homes and also run children’s yoga parties.

is the practice of controlling the vital life force‚ usually through the control of the breath. These techniques are taught in all our classes‚ with special workshops held on retreats and study days.

is silencing‚ this is silencing the body‚ mind and intellect.These techniques are taught in all our classes‚ with special workshops held on retreats and study days.

Womens Only Class:
We are teaching a new beginners course for Women only where women will be taught a foundation of yoga exercises and breathing to help fitness, weight loss and toning and relaxation.

Summary of Classes

The 8 Levels

Example of the Syllabus (pdf 324Kb)

Preparation for Yoga Practice

As with any physical activity there is a risk of injury associated with yoga. The decision to perform any exercise remains the individual’s and the tutor cannot accept responsibility for problems during or outside a class.