The London School of Yoga™ is the first Yoga school of its kind. Unlike other schools, each student is given a bespoke programme built around their individual strengths. As they develop, they move through the eight different grades, from beginners to advanced. Some people find Yoga a bit overwhelming, like an endless journey. The London School of Yoga™ aims to breakdown the process and provide students with a clear sense of their own progression.

Our Yoga focuses on three techniques: movement, breath and meditation to enhance the three parts of us: physical, mental, emotional wellbeing.


Preparation for Yoga Practice

Pre-requisites to yoga practice

Pre-requisites to yoga practice

  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing.
  • Wait two to three hours after a main meal or one and a half hours after a snack, before starting practice.
  • Wait 20 minutes after practice before taking food.
  • A personal yoga mat is useful and The London School of Yoga sells mats for £12
  • Please drink water before the class and dont bring water bottles to class.

Personal health

  • Consult your doctor or health professional before starting practice if you have either:

a diagnosed health condition or

a pre-or post-operative condition

  • Let your yoga teacher know about any health concerns, i.e. high blood pressure, back problems, pregnancy, arthritis etc.
  • Also inform the teacher of any changes in your personal health.

Follow the basic principles of practice below

  • Move slowly with awareness
  • Never rush, force or strain
  • Practice with ease and gracefulness
  • Stop an rest whenever necessary
``As the result of contentment, one gains supreme happiness.`` Yoga sutras of Patanjali (i.42)