The London School of Yoga™ is the first Yoga school of its kind. Unlike other schools, each student is given a bespoke programme built around their individual strengths. As they develop, they move through the eight different grades, from beginners to advanced. Some people find Yoga a bit overwhelming, like an endless journey. The London School of Yoga™ aims to breakdown the process and provide students with a clear sense of their own progression.

Our Yoga focuses on three techniques: movement, breath and meditation to enhance the three parts of us: physical, mental, emotional wellbeing.



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Mantra is a sound formula for meditation, it's the spoken sacred prayer. Mantra is a combination of sounds that link us to Cosmic energy. The mantras come from a Divine plane and are coined by the Rishis (sages). Each mantra has a different effect. It should not be picked up at random and should always be received from a spiritual guide.

Meditation is silencing, this is silencing the body, mind and intellect. The word Dhyana was coined by the Rishis (sages) a long time ago. They called the intellect, mind and body as the Adi (first), Madhya (middle) and Antya (last) Koshas (sheaths or bodies). From these words they picked up Dh, Ya and Aa and joined them as Dhya. Dhya represents the body, mind and intellect. They added Na which means 'No'. So, Dhyana means no body, no mind and no intellect. It's purpose is to make them silent.

Moola Bandha
Moola Bandha is the root lock held at the base of our nervous system, the spinal column. In men it's the perineal muscle which is located at the front of the anus and behind the genitals; and in women its near the top of the cervix.

Mudras are used to signify gestures, a mystic position of the hands, a seal, or even a symbol. There are also eye positions, body postures and breathing techniques that are called mudras.