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What We Teach

Yoga is a universal technique. It combines breathing and relaxation with exercise, to open and strengthen the physical body. It helps circulation and movement of the joints at the same time as freeing the mind. The regular practice of Yoga is a simple way to achieve a healthier lifestyle and a more powerful connection between mind and body.

Patanjali's Yoga Sutras outline the 8 limbs of Yoga hence the 8 graded levels in the London School of Yoga™. The 8 levels are designed to help students work in a structured form to ensure personal development in their practice.

More detailed syllabus is given to each student on membership of the London School of Yoga™ and only given at their individual level. Learn more about the classes using the links on the left.


Summary of Classes

The 8 Levels

Example of the Syllabus (pdf 324Kb)

Preparation for Yoga Practice

“When a man after receiving instructions from a teacher directly realises this effulgent self, the Lord of all that has been and will be, he no longer wishes to hide himself from it."

Brihadaranyaka Upanishad
(iv.iv.1 5)